tomb raider shipwreck beach gondola

All this is described above. Use it to jump across to the next ledge. It will allow you to upgrade Roth's Tactical Pistol to the MAGNUM PISTOL. ),, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. To rejoin Lara's friends and continue with the story, from the spot where you just found the 13th GPS cache, return along the path to where you just dropped down from above. Home > Games > Tomb Raider Mountain Base Make your way through the water and up the stairs. Climb upward and around to the left side of the tank, where you can then climb up on top of it. If you want to continue with the storyline, head northwest toward the elevator with the red light on top. If you would like to raid the tomb, click here. Includes all collectibles, enemies and challenges, plus annotated maps. Then you can use it to jump up onto the pier and get the GPS cache, plus a little snack from a food cache. If you've raided all of the previous Challenge Tombs, you'll unlock the Intellectually Superior Achievement/Trophy here as well. (screenshot) If you have trouble spotting it, just use Survival Instinct and follow the Objective Beacon. Continue climbing to the top of the wall to find a salvage crate. Camps: The Grotto (Day Camp), Temple of the Handmaidens (Day Camp)* (screenshots), If you don't make it the first time, return to the wheel near the campsite and try again. Loot the bodies and then step up onto the ramp at the edge of the deck. Follow the ledge around to the right, pick up some arrows if you need them, and wait for the buoy to float past below. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. Once you fall down keep running and jump through the gaps between your path until you make it to the other side. See the controls page for details. ). (screenshots), Move to the back wall of the broken elevator and jump straight up to grab the lower of the 2 shiny metal bars. NOTE: If you missed the 8th GPS Cache earlier, the one sitting on the pier on the beach below (circled on the map in this screenshot), you can take a little detour now to obtain it. var postemail8809='' It starts after leaving the Gondola Transport location and ends when Lara enters the Cliffside Bunker location, from where she returns here to go on to the Research Base location. Climb to the top and ride the zip line down to the top deck of the multi-level shipwreck. This page was last modified on 24 July 2017, at 15:20. (screenshot) If you're going for 100% completion and want to explore the second Challenge Tomb, instead head away from the campsite to the northeast. 20. Cairn Raider no.1 After the Gondola ride, proceed to the right until you reach a small pool with a rock in the middle. NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. The gondola stops on the way, so you're going to have to find another way to get to the beach with survivors. Use a rope arrow and the rope ascender to open the reinforced door on the ledge above. * Tool URL: Jump across the crevice with the copper pipes and latch onto the wall to the left. … Pull up and you'll find another GPS cache (14/15) sitting on the roof. /*********************************************** Tomb Raider is a reimagining of the original Tomb Raider, that was released in 1996, and its protagonist Lara Croft. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. This will unlock 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, the Shipwreck Beach GPS Cache Map, a Handgun part, and the Intellectually Superior trophy/achievement. You'll eventually fall down a hole caused by the tunnel caving in. for (i=0;i

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